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About the JFC

JFC is a Nonprofit Organization

JFC is recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 nonprofit organization.  This means that financial contributions to the club are tax-deductible.  JFC's ability to provide a quality experience for every player depends on our ability to contract with the best coaches and provide the highest quality facilities while keeping club fees reasonable.  Private contributions and fundraising help us do those things as well as allowing us to provide scholarships to players who would not otherwise be able to play at this level.  Please consider JFC when making decisions about your family's charitable giving.

JFC Philosophy and Approach

JFC’s primary focus will be on the process of player development, particularly in the Under 12 (U12) and younger age groups.  JFC teams are formed and organized to provide an opportunity for boys and girls of our area and western region of the state of Tennessee to experience a higher level of soccer.  Our job is to develop player skills to the greatest degree possible.  The mission of the Club is to facilitate a process that will allow JFC teams to play soccer at the highest competitive levels.

The long-term goal of the club is to produce both quality players and people who can use soccer as a stepping-stone for high school play, college admission (and potentially soccer scholarships), and perhaps most importantly, personal development and enriching life experience.  Winning will eventually come as a natural result of a well executed process on behalf of the players, coaches and the club’s philosophy.  The JFC philosophy will be accomplished by:

  1. Putting the overall development of the player and the player’s team first while balancing the needs of the overall program.
  2. Encouragement and support of the players by the Club, team and parents
  3. Providing the best possible coaching and top-level training to facilitate players toward individual development and the team toward achieving its greatest potential.
  4. Organizing the fairest and best possible teams through annual tryouts
  5. Seeking out top-level competition with other teams of the same or higher level
  6. Playing competition in “friendly” games, scrimmages, league play and a minimum of three tournaments per season.  Younger age groups may choose to do less than three tournaments with approval of the DOC.  Teams may choose to do more than four tournaments per year with approval of the DOC.
  7. Seeking out and receiving strong financial support to pave the way for achieving the above goals through corporate sponsorships, team fund raising, individual donations, parental support and tournaments.