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Training Programs

U8 Academy (Ages 7-8)

In the u8 Academy, players will learn fundamental movement and soccer skills through a game-based approach to skill acquisition with an emphasis on learning through enjoyment.  Players will be introduced to the concepts and strategies required for player development.  Participants are placed in a positive learning environment where they are provided instruction on building technical and tactical skills to solve soccer problems.

The program is led by Paul Conway (USSF A License), Head Coach at University School of Jackson.  This is the first level of competitive play at JFC and competition is introduced through local games with limited travel to Memphis or Middle Tennessee.

The Academy

The Academy program is for players 5 years to 7 years of age with no travel commitment. The program is led by Clovis Simas, Head coach at Union University and a former member of the Brazilian National Futsal team.  The objective of the Academy is to use small-sided games as an introduction to the concepts and strategies required in soccer.  Emphasis is on game-play, not drills, to develop technical skills, body awareness, tactical skills, and perception and anticipation through greater field and player awareness.

Wolves Pups

The Wolf Pups Academy is for our littlest Wolves aged 3 years to 5 years old.  The sessions are conducted by Paul Conway (USSF A license) with assistance from other Wolves coaches.  The objective of this program is to develop an understanding and appreciation for the game of soccer.  Locomotor skills (jumping, skipping, running, hoping, leaping, and sliding) and non-locomotor skills (balance, equilibrium, twisting, turning, and stability) will form the basis for developing soccer manipulation skills (dribbling, passing, shooting, heading, receiving, and tackling).  An introduction to the fundamental skills of soccer that develops competence and confidence is at the forefront of the program.